Code of Ethics

This Document comprises the official Code governing professional conduct for members of the Association of Safety & Health Consultants and Trainers, Inc. (ASHCAT) of New Brunswick. It is not an exhaustive document, but is intended to outline basic principles and standards that form the basis for sanctions for non-conformance.

The Code will assist ASHCAT members in the following areas:

  • Exercising sound judgment in the pursuit of business;
  • Determining boundaries for integrity; and,
  • Assisting in self-discipline and monitoring of ethical behaviour

Relationship with Clients:

  • Members must provide clients with a self-declaration of their areas of competency.
  • Members will not offer services that they are not professionally qualified to deliver.
  • Members are permitted to sub-contract out required services to qualified consultants and trainers.
  • Members shall identify sub-contracted services to clients prior to commencing work.
  • Situations that may result in an actual or perceived conflict of interest will be avoided.
  • Clients will be billed only for services actually provided.
  • Information provided to clients will be verifiable, truthful and relevant to any commission in operation or proposed.
  • Services offered to clients will be clearly outlined in either a "Letter of Intent" or a formal Contract, which the Members will be held responsible for delivering.
  • In situations where clients are dissatisfied with services received or concerned regarding accountability for services rendered, they may appeal in writing to ASHCAT, outlining the reasons for their concerns. A transparent investigation will be conducted and all findings reported until the client indicates that the grievance has been addressed to their satisfaction.

Relationship with Other Members:

  • Members will not compromise client service when competing for commissions.
  • Members will refrain from discussing competitor's abilities with prospective clients.
  • Members will respect each other's professional contribution to the quality of working life in New Brunswick.

Relationship with ASHCAT:

  • Only the Chairperson or a specified delegate may speak on behalf of or represent ASHCAT.
  • Ongoing endorsement by ASHCAT will depend on Member's compliance with all areas of Membership Standards.